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Why End Day Light Saving Time

Why does daylight saving time or DST persist up to this moment and why is it even started in the first place? Random people are ask the same questions mentioned earlier and most of them answer that it is to help the farmers and the other one is due to the first or second world war..Believe it or not, many farmers don’t agree with this daylight saving time approach. Some people adhere to DST while others don’t but what’s true is that many farmers don’t like the idea of DST. The most common complains of farmers is the inconvenience in changing their schedules just to sell crops to various clients who are strictly following the daylight saving time.

This daylight saving time actually began during the First World War since the government during this time wanted to reduce the usage of fuel and artificial lights. Even if most states and places are following daylight saving time during war, it was only observed once again when the Second World War broke out.

Gone were those days during Second World War. With that being said, why is it that the government still observes daylight saving time?

The reason behind the latter is the implementation of an act which alternates the use of standard time and the daylight saving time that must be followed across different states. The congress can’t stop tinkering with this matter hence the changes happening from time to time. An example is when there was a year wherein daylight saving time was observed for the entire year. Before, the mark of DST is at 2 AM during the first Sunday of April and it ends at 2 AM on the last Sunday of October. However this was again change in the 2000s. As of today, the start of DST is on the second Sunday of March unlit the first Sunday of November.

Many historic things can be attributed to the roots of daylight saving time.

The real reasons in implementing daylight saving time is different but as years gone by many supporters provide a more relevant line of reasoning to support the importance of DST.

Safety is one of the reasons why they believe there is a need to implement DST. Others believe that road accidents is attributed to the time of the day and so if there is more daylight at the entire day then probably less accidents will occur. However, id this really the case?

It might be quite true for them but there was actually more bus accidents that took place when daylight saving time was implemented for the entire year and take note this happens most of the time in the morning.

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