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Top Five Tips for Money-Smart Grocery Shopping

Food shopping is a necessity. We all have to eat! How nice it would be if we didn’t have to eat as frequently, if only to save money. But we all know that’s impossible, and grocery store bills can soar, especially if you’re not conscious with your spending.

Try these top five ways of saving money on your next trip to the grocery store:

1. Shop in bulk.

Most items turn out cheaper if you get them in bulk. Examples are nuts, grains, canned goods, pasta and even some fruits and vegetables. When at the store, look for those bulk or multipack special deals that can help you save some cash.

2. Scan catalogs for sales.

Many grocery stores and food shops have monthly or weekly catalogs where you can see which items are or will be on sale. For example, the Coop catalog will clue you in on the deals or products that offer you savings. In fact, the Coop catalog can well be your partner with every trip you make to the grocery store.

3. Plan those meals before shopping.

That Coop catalog can help you shop more wisely, but it’s not going to work if you don’t have a plan. Se before driving to the store, have your menu all prepared. Check out recipes online that people say are good but economical. Planning your meals means you will be able to plan around those items that are on sale.

Again, that Coop catalog will come in handy for this. Another great thing about planning your meals is that it lets you avoid overbuying or buying things you don’t really need.
America ends up with around $165 million worth of wasted food every year. When you waste food, you waste money.

4. Use coupons.

Once you’ve listed down the items you plan to buy at the store, start looking for coupons for them. Clip them from magazines and newspapers or get them online. Aside from the Coop catalog, coupons also come in handy for anyone who wants to save some cash. It’s important to take advantage of all these money-saving opportunities if you want to be smart about food shopping.

5. Focus on food.

When you go to the grocery store to buy food, stick with food and forget everything else. For example, while toiletries may be tempting, you can always buy them for cheaper at a specialty store or pharmacy. This is not be a problem if you’re not shopping on a budget, but if you are, sticking to the plan is always for the best.

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