Should you try black laminate flooring in your home?

Interior designers will tell you that flooring is the foundation of any room, literally and figuratively.

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When entering a room, the eye is automatically drawn to the floor, its texture and its colouring. Your choice of flooring will set the tone for any design scheme, and if you are bold enough, it will create the base of the palette for the rest of the room.

Neutral tones are popular at the moment, but if you want a sharp, modern look in your home, black laminate may be a good flooring option to surprise your friends.


Floor layers can offer advice and can be found through their professional body. They will often point out that darker surfaces will show less dirt.

Furthermore, if you love contrast, you will love the options a dark floor will give you when it comes to wall colours and furniture or fittings. You might consider white walls or other dark colours, but be careful because too many dark shades will make for a sombre feel. Be sure to add colours from the opposite side of the palette.

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If you are refurbishing your kitchen and have chosen white cupboard fittings, a contrasting black work surface and floor is an ideal option. The same contrast will also work in a new bathroom.


Laminate flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, and plenty of choices can be found at sites such as

This kind of flooring is very adaptable in terms of which rooms it can be used in and the range of finishes that are available. It is also extremely affordable and hard wearing and accessible to those with moderate DIY skills when it comes to fitting.

This type of flooring doesn’t show dirt or scuffs as much as other colour choices, and it is also easy to keep clean. It is simple to maintain as it does not require the intensive care, such as wax and polishing, that a hardwood floor demands. A broom and a soft cloth or mop will suffice.

Although hard-wearing, it may be prone to scratches if you have furniture in the room that is often moved, such as in a dining room. The problem is easily remedied by ensuring that you move furniture gently rather than dragging it across the floor.

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