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Why Use Oversized Planner This 2018

It is a necessity for college students to have a planner so as not to miss any important activities. Sometimes you tend to forget something and it is very important to jot down those important dates and events. For some they might say digital planners is better but there are instances wherein due to your busy schedule you forget to set an alarm for that particular event whereas in oversized planner everything is clear and you will surely don’t miss any important event. For those who want to know the reasons why oversized planners are better then one must read the following information.

Decrease You Anxiety Level
Did you ever feel like time is so limited and you will not be able to finish everything at an expected time? Worry not, you have your oversized planner with you just calm your nerves and start thinking clearly. If you feel stressed out worry not, start by writing down the important agenda that you have to tackle and then assigned a particular day and time you will do such. In addition, this will also allow you to know if you miss something or everything was properly included in the planning. If you want to succeed in everything you do then staying organized and composed is a necessity regardless of the numerous things that you must take on.

Devise and Efficient Must-Do List
Oversized planners have enough space to plan everything hence utilize the space and create daily or weekly list of the things that you have to accomplish. Furthermore, this could also help your prioritize the activities that you have to do. It is definitely a fulfilling emotion to cross out or put some check marks on the things you were able to accomplish.

Keep Details of Vital Memories
Once the year ends and your planner is full already then don’t just discard them. Instead of throwing those planners might as well keep them. Reading those notes that you have will bring back the glorious days you have in college and even those times when you feel like giving up. You will probably get to remember the embarrassing moments that you have and just shake your head of your old self and how you were in your college days. An oversized planner is just as important as having a blog, it inspires you to do everything that you can just to obtain one goal and that’s to land at the place or situation you want for yourself.

Make a Note to Remember
If you don’t want to forget something then write it immediately, that’s how people view things. If you want to have a better retention of details then you must write down rather than typing it.

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