Choosing a Vinyl Floor? Here are 7 Important Things to Look For

  1. Vinyl Floor Type

There are 2 types of vinyl floor you need to know that is vinyl sheet or vinyl coil and vinyl tile (box). Both have their respective advantages for vinyl sheets such as vinyl this type is very easy in installation and cheap floor vinyl price, very economical. While vinyl tile / box has a luxurious appearance.

  1. Easy Installation

Stages of vinyl floor installation is relatively easy when compared with other flooring materials. As vinyl sheet in its installation does not require additional glue. Likewise vinyl box installation process is very easy. Vinyl flooring can be installed concrete or wood floors.

  1. High Durability

Vinyl flooring has a high durability, if treated properly. Vinyl flooring can last between 10 to 20 years old. Some vinyl products provide warranty up to 15 years.

  1. Anti Noda

Another advantage possessed by floor vinyl is anti-stain. Some floor vinyl have a stain-resistant layer, but some are not.

  1. Economical Price

The price of vinyl floor is very cheap, when compared with ceramic or wood floor. Vinyl flooring is a very appropriate choice. With a cheap price and durability given can last up to tens of years.

  1. Light on the Feet

Vinyl flooring is generally very soft on the foot. Even some types of vinyl have a silencer layer, so the footsteps do not sound.

  1. Varied Designs

Vinyl floor has a style that is quite varied, available quite a lot of style. With so many shades you can blend matching some of these shades to make them look more unique. For more info about flooring you can visit it in Reclaimed Flooring Co.

That’s some important point to know before buying vinyl floor. Vinyl floor fitting is installed in several corner of the room such as kitchen, bathroom, family room, or basements. Cheap floor vinyl prices may make it an idol among other flooring materials.

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