Checking Roof After Winter Season Summary

A cold, hard winter can be a trying time for your roof, the most vulnerable piece of your home. If you know how to identify damage from issues like ice dams and melting snow, dealing with the aftermath might be easier than you think.

Damage from the Inside

Checking for winter roof damage can begin without stepping outside. Be on the lookout for water damage and discoloration on the ceiling – a sure sign of a leaky roof that’s prone to further damage caused by rain and snow.

Inspect your attic with a flashlight for further signs of damage, such as mold and discoloration. Make note of the location of the damage so you can look for the opening on the outside of the roof.

Even if no obvious sign of damage is found inside the roof, an opening that could cause future damage may still be there. Turn off … Read the rest

4 Types of Roof Styles for Your Home

There’s an endless amount of decorative ways to design a home that truly mirrors your individual style. After all, your home is your personal oasis and a place to relax after a hard day at the office. How you design the exterior of your home can provide a great deal of benefits, like reinforcing the home’s foundation, boosting curb appeal and resale value, and preventing the outdoor elements from wreaking havoc on your living quarters or your wallet. Your roof is one of the more important elements that you should invest in wisely. Below you’ll find several popular roofing styles and information that’ll help you decide the best option for you and your family.

The Gambrel Roof

A visually appealing option for homeowners, the Gambrel’s distinguishing feature is its two slopes. The lower of the two slopes dons a steeper surface than its counterpart, increasing the amount of space in … Read the rest