3 Reasons Why a Wood Burning Heater Is a Great Investment

At one time most homes were heated by wood-burning stoves which often served as dual cooking and warming tools. Wood heaters are becoming popular again, but new models are vast improvements over the originals. Today homeowners can find a range of stylish freestanding heaters that use wood as an eco-friendly fuel source. Customers can install the heaters in almost any room, to add charm and lower utility costs.

Wood Is an Eco-Friendly Fuel

Many homeowners install a wood heater in several rooms in order to minimize or completely eliminate the amount of fossil fuels they use. Unlike fuels such as coal, gas and propane, wood is considered carbon neutral. That means it will not spew carbon dioxide into the air as it burns. In fact, the trees which are used to create wood actually absorb carbon dioxide. When their wood is burned balance is maintained.

Heaters Can Become Decorative Elements

Wood-burning heaters are also trending because they add a touch of charm to any room where they are installed. Many clients add heaters as part of rustic decorating themes. The appliances become interesting focal points, add a cozy feeling during cold weather and can substitute or augment existing heating systems. Manufacturers also make a variety of models in sizes to fit any space. Depending on the model, clients can often find heaters in decorator colors that include Champagne, Coachwood, Gunmetal and Marcasite.

Burning Wood Reduces Heating Costs

The primary benefit of wood heaters is their ability to efficiently, reliably and affordably warm spaces. Wood is one of the least expensive fuel sources and is much cheaper than electricity, gas or oil. Many customers install wood heaters strategically, to create zone systems which drive utility costs down. Since wood-burning appliances produce radiant heat they warm air much more quickly than equipment which blows air into spaces. Many homeowners lower costs even further by gathering as much wood as possible from dead or dying trees. Some even collect unwanted pallets from businesses and then dismantle them for firewood.

The classic wood-burning stoves which once did double duty as heaters are trendy again. Modern versions have been re-engineered and are stylish enough to become decorating elements that efficiently heat spaces. Eco-friendly wood-burning heaters also help clients reduce energy bills along with their carbon footprints.

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